fleeture© - Trailer Tracking Unit

Find out about the position and status of your trailers in real time.

You can track your trailers fully using the fleeture© - Trailer Tracking Unit. You will know precise locations, times and planning and be alerted if any discrepancies arise.





The fleeture© - Trailer Tracking Unit tracks your cargo shipments and alerts you to misuse or theft. By establishing a connection to the EBS brake system, you will be informed of the current weight of the trailer at all times in addition to its position. Combined with our professional fleeture© - Portal backend software, you can increase your productivity and your customers' satisfaction measurably. Protect your trailers and your customers' goods.


  • Simple to fit in trailer
  • Europe-wide data flat rate
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Route tracking
  • Connection to the EBS
  • Weight monitoring


The fleeture© - Trailer Tracking Unit communicates with the fleeture© - Portal. You will receive various alerts if there are any deviations from your planning. You can also receive these alerts directly on the fleeture© - App.

Late alarm

The route is defined precisely with the associated times in the fleeture© - Portal Should deviations arise for whatever reason, a late alarm is reported and you can intervene in good time.

Corridor Tracking

An alert is issued if the trailer leaves the predefined route, i.e. the corridor. You can then make contact with the driver.

EBS alarm

You will be notified if the EBS connector was not plugged in before departure. You can then contact the driver and therefore minimize wear and tear on the trailer.

Unplanned weight loss

The weight of the cargo is recorded in the fleeture© - Portal. If your trailer is robbed and a change of weight is consequently detected outside an unloading area, you will be alerted.

Waiting period monitoring

The destination is recorded in the fleeture© - Portal.The waiting period is logged automatically when the trailer is standing and waiting in the destination area. This allows you to document and calculate the waiting periods precisely.



Quad-band GPRS

Mains switch  

Software-based power management, there is no mechanical switch


ARM7, dual-processor technology


50-channel module, supersense


158mm (w) x 102 mm (h) x 81 mm (d)


Internal battery: more than 60-day standby without power with two notifications per day


IP67 fiberglass housing (or IP69K optionally)


Internal GPS & GPRS antenna


An EBS interface to different brakes allows the trailer weight to be read among other information


Varied installation options – for example on the gallows plate covering the cables at the front of the truck or below the trailer


CE 2004/108/EC (EMC Directive)