Your Advantages and Potential

The fleeture© solutions offer many advantages for your company, your drivers and your customers.


  • maintain control more successfully
  • increase employee motivation
  • increase schedule compliance & delivery quality
  • avoid fines
  • reduce costs

Dispatchers, vehicle controllers & backoffice

  • time savings
  • efficient communication
  • intuitive handling
  • scheduling support
  • transparency
  • better access to information
  • automated monitoring
  • proactive warnings


  • increased security

IT/TC heads

  • stable software solution
  • reliable hardware
  • ease of integration in third-party systems
  • scalability
  • customized adaptions
  • high level of parameterization
  • multilingualism

For your customers

By incorporating your customers in your processes, you can achieve an even higher level of customer satisfaction. You can use the order tracking function to inform your customers online as regards the current status of their orders. This increases transparency and access to information for your customers.

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