You would like to define geographical areas and assign these to individual vehicles or groups of vehicles in order to monitor when a vehicle enters or leaves one of these areas.

Area Types

Mit fleeture© allows you to create, manage and assign areas with ease in the form of circles, rectangles, corridors or polygons. We have made sure that the process of defining the areas is easily comprehensible for users and can be carried out via an intuitive user interface in a time-saving manner.

Roads and national borders

By creating polygons interactively on the map, national borders and streets can be defined just as easily as geo-fences. This allows fast and efficient route-based monitoring of your fleet. Geo-fences can be assigned to individual vehicles at the press of a button and also automatically to some extent.

Order-based geo-fencing

Order-based geo-fencing is likewise available to you. This function automates the creation of zones and the assignment of the zones to the individual vehicles. You first of all simply define which radius around the loading and unloading point is to be monitored. Then you specify whether you would like the entrance, exit or both to be reported on. For every assignment of orders to vehicles, the system creates the relevant fences autonomously and communicates these to the vehicles, making sure you never miss an important event again. This also means you are always in a position to inform your customers fully and can also answer any queries precisely retrospectively.

Waiting Periods

Evaluation of waiting periods can also be simplified significantly through the intelligent use of geo-fencing, leading to better data quality and increased customer acceptance and consequently faster settlement.

Server vs. client

Whenever a zone is entered or exited, this can be detected at two positions: in the central office, following receipt of a position report, or on the unit in the vehicle, which can identify the vehicle’s position at all times. Client-based geo-fencing requires that the zones can be transmitted to the unit. Our solution supports both approaches. If the positioning interval is very short, for example the position is transmitted to the central office every minute, server-based geo-fencing can provide sufficiently precise information. If the interval is longer however and the zones are very small, it may happen that the vehicle passes through a zone within the time interval without the central office being aware of this. It is precisely for these situations that we also offer client-based geo-fencing in all of our solutions. Checks are made every second on the client to determine whether the vehicle is located in one of the zones. If this is the case, the on-board computer actively sends a message to the central office, keeping you are always in the picture.

Roaming costs

For customers who are not on a roaming flat rate with us, the use of client-based geo-fencing helps to keep data communication costs in check while making sure at the same time that no events are missed.


A work site may have one address, but many unloading points, whereas a construction site might not have any address. This situation can mean that geo-fencing is imprecise or cannot be used at all. In order to change this, we include an option with our solution to define own geographical areas on the server side.


You can of course transfer route profiles created and saved with our route planner automatically to a monitored corridor. You can then assign any sender/receiver relations to this corridor. As soon as a vehicle commences a tour suitable for this relation, the relevant corridor is monitored.

Key features

  • circle zones
  • polygon zones
  • corridors‎
  • server-based geo-fencing
  • client-based geo-fencing
  • streets as zones
  • national borders as zones
  • order-based geo-fencing
  • waiting periods
  • roaming costs

Your advantages

  • ease of use
  • optimal monitoring
  • automated warnings
  • action rather than reaction
  • precise accounting
  • cost optimization
  • ready access to information
  • cargo security
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