Route Tracking & Schedule Monitoring


Timely delivery of the precise quantity of goods ordered is a prerequisite in the framework of intelligent logistics chains. Planning these transport operations and monitoring them constantly is a very time consuming task for scheduling and vehicle control.

Planning tours

In order to plan a tour efficiently, you need to know where the vehicles are located. Even better would be to know when a vehicle should be where and what its load status is at this location.

Route definition

Even the best planning is of no use if those involved do not adhere to it. For example, the dispatcher could have one route in front of him or her but the driver takes a different route. It makes sense under various circumstances for the dispatcher to define a precise route. This can be done interactively on a map with fleeture© . The dispatcher often has very detailed knowledge of the driving routes at his or her disposal, which can be taken into account in his or her planning. A route can then be assigned to the vehicle based on this knowledge.

Route monitoring

The dispatcher now no longer needs to worry about whether the vehicle adheres to the planned route. fleeture© does this instead. As soon as the vehicle leaves the prescribed route, the dispatcher is informed automatically. As you can see, route monitoring in our view does not mean checking the route traveled after the event. What is more important is to monitor route compliance in advance based on a specifically predefined optimal route and on an ongoing basis during the transport operation using previously defined parameters.

Schedule monitoring

Monitoring route compliance and the resulting distances is one of the tasks fleeture© can handle for you. However since most tours involve orders as well as deadlines and time windows, monitoring them requires at least as much work. Our solution therefore builds in schedule monitoring, which compares the expected arrival time at the destination with the predefined times from the orders and issues warnings in good time before delays occur. And it does this for all tours assigned to the vehicles, since a delay on one tour can lead to a delay on another tour down the line. You now have an opportunity to inform your customers in good time or find a solution to still complete the order on time.

Customer loyalty and trust

A partnership-like relationship between customer and supplier is becoming increasingly important. This is because transport in itself offers scarcely any further leverage in terms of differentiation. Thanks to good quality information and customer-friendly information management, you can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. You can provide your customers with guest access with fleeture© so that they can establish the current transport status independently.

Key features

  • automated schedule monitoring
  • default route setting
  • time slot monitoring
  • route deviation analysis

Your advantages

  • fuel savings
  • toll cost monitoring
  • identification of optimization potential
  • improved information quality
  • increased customer loyalty
  • precise documentation of tours
  • proactive approach
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