CAN-Bus, FMS and Brake System


Technical truck and trailer monitoring is a meaningful and frequently requested solution. This involves not only technical data for monitoring the hardware status, rather also an analysis of the driving behavior of the driver and the associated usage.

FMS integration

All of our solutions support connection to the FMS gateway. This means we can supply you with all of the technical information contained in the FMS standard from the vehicle in the central office. The data can be made available for example to the workshop for maintenance planning and technical monitoring or condensed and analyzed in relation to the driving behavior and usage. This allows you to assess your drivers and provide training where necessary.

CAN connection

Thanks to our innovative hardware partners we can also offer you a solution that records all of the data traffic on the CAN bus. You can perform an independent analysis of your vehicles without being tied in to the vehicle manufacturer. Because this solution cannot be connected by cable to the CAN bus, you are also not violating any warranty provisions and therefore have a full warranty for your entire fleet with full access to the data and evaluations you require.

Connection to the brake system

Linking of telematics with the brake system is frequently requested by customers, especially when it comes to technical monitoring of trailers, and is a request that we cover with our solution. Depending on the brake system, order-related data, such as the current load status (axle load), can be determined in addition to technical information such as tire pressure, service interval or mileage, and forwarded to scheduling.


Our telematics supports you proactively in highlighting potential problems in good time. We can also highlight technical faults, which may cause a hazard or delay, as well as violations of certain legal provisions, as in the case of weight monitoring (overloading).

Key features

  • support for FMS standard
  • support for CAN BUS
  • technical monitoring
  • connection to brake system
  • weight monitoring
  • proactive warning system

Your advantages

  • increased transparency
  • security for driver and cargo
  • cost savings
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