Cargo Security & Sensor Technology


In addition to geographical and technical monitoring of the truck and trailer, a solution that also supports external sensors and therefore allows more in-depth monitoring of the cargo shipment is frequently requested..

External sensors

Our hardware has various different analog and digital inputs and outputs. This allows a wide range of external sensors, such as door sensors, temperature sensors, etc. to be connected.

Panic button

In the case of high-value goods, it is important for companies to protect their drivers and the goods from danger. Employees traveling alone in remote areas place great emphasis on personal security in particular. Various technical precautions can be taken in order to ensure the best possible protection for your employees and to increase the sense of security. Among other things this includes installing a panic button. An emergency alarm is triggered directly by pressing a panic button in dangerous situations and assistance is requested.

Key features

  • weight monitoring
  • movement alert
  • panic button

Your advantages

  • greater security and protection
  • optimal monitoring
  • automated warnings
  • action rather than reaction
  • road traffic safety
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