Function areas and core functions


You would like to define geographical areas and assign these to individual vehicles or groups of vehicles in order to monitor when a vehicle enters or leaves one of these areas.

Route Tracking & Schedule Monitoring

Timely delivery of the precise quantity of goods ordered is a prerequisite in the framework of intelligent logistics chains. Planning these transport operations and monitoring them constantly is a very time consuming task for scheduling and vehicle control.

Maps & Position Finding

You would like to know where a particular vehicle is currently. You may also be interested in finding out where it was at a particular time? You would no doubt like to see which route a vehicle has traveled. These are typical requirements for the use of geographical information. We go a few steps further however.

CAN Bus, FMS & Brake Systemrake System

Technical truck and/or trailer monitoring is a meaningful and frequently requested solution. This involves not only technical data for monitoring the hardware status, rather also an analysis of the driving behavior of the driver and the associated usage.

Remote Download

The tachograph data showing driving hours can be downloaded wirelessly from the backoffice into the fleeture© Portal, regardless of where the truck is located. This means there are no extra trips to the depot to read the driver card.

Cargo Security & Sensor Technology

In addition to geographical and technical monitoring of the truck and/or trailer, a solution that also supports external sensors and therefore allows more in-depth monitoring of the cargo shipment is frequently requested, for example a solution that includes monitoring of doors, movement reports or temperature and weight monitoring.
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